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Lead   times   range   from   10   –   15   working   days   to   the   day   of   which   installation   will   commence,   from   the   day   of   which   payment   is   received.   This   excludes   the time for contracts that include special powder coating or toughened Safety Glass. Please take note of the payment arrangement: 50% ON ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER 40% ON DELIVERY OF 75% OF OUR PRODUCT 10% ON COMPLETION This   quote   may   change   at   any   time   without   prior   notice   and   subject   to   the   standard         JAYCEE   GLASS   & ALUMINIUM   terms   and   conditions.   This   quote   will only be valid once the deposit of 50% has been paid. In   the   event   of   late   payment   interest   of   20%   will   be   charged   on   all   accounts   overdue   more      then   10   days.   (No   retention   to   be   kept   back   and   snagging   will only be done within a 3 months period after installation.)  Please note no Glazing certificate will be issued unless full payment is received. In   order   to   ensure   that   your   order   is   processed   expediently   please   note   that   the   management   software   system   will   not   allow   an   order   to   be   processed   until the following has been received: Receipt of proof of payment  (e-mail/ fax) Beneficiary reference is the quote number, so that our accounts department can allocate payments We have your P.O. Box address and Vat number so that the invoice can be processed. Official order Should   you   have   any   query   regarding   the   quotation   or   require   any   variation   thereof,   please   feel   free   to   contact   the   undersigned.      Be   assured   of   our commitment and service to you. PLEASE   TAKE   NOTE:         The   client   is   responsible   for   any   building   plans   that   may   be   required   as   well   as   the   braking   down   of   walls   and   removal   of   existing windows and ensuring that all openings are make ready for the installation of Glass and Aluminium products. JAYCEE   GLASS   &   ALUMINIUM   does   not   take   responsibility   for   any   demolition   or   building   work   and   has   not   included   these   constructions   repairs   in   the quote, unless specified. All constructions work is for the account of the client. This quotation will become a contract once accepted and signed by both parties. This quote is subject to site inspection and final measurements. OUR BANKING DETAILS ARE AS FOLLOW: BANK:          STANDERD BANK GEZINA ACCOUNT:  011 787295 BRANCH:    014845  
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